Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss may develop gradually over time or come unexpectedly and may be indicated by one or more symptoms. Here are a few signs to look out for if you suspect you have hearing loss:

Difficulty of Hearing

Difficulty hearing in background noise: You have difficulty hearing people in noisy environments such as restaurants, shopping centres etc.

Difficulty o Following Conversations

Difficulty following conversations: Finding it difficult to hear or understand conversations with more than two people.

People Seem To Mumble

People seem to mumble: Occasionally thinking others are mumbling or speaking too softly.

Phone Conversations

Phone conversations are not clear: You have trouble understanding people over the phone.

TV is Tool Loud

TV is too loud: Frequently being told by family or friends that your TV is too loud.

Aboiding Social Settings

Avoid social settings: You avoid social engagements due to communication issues or get tired easily after activities.

Misinterpreting Speech

Misinterpreting Speech: You misinterpret speech and ask them to repeat themselves.

Trouble Hearing From Distance

Trouble Hearing from Distance: It's hard to hear people from distance or when you can't see their faces.