Choosing a Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are likely to be beneficial if you are experiencing hearing loss. However, selecting the best option is not a simple task. Because hearing aids are customised, not every brand, style, or level of technology is suitable for every individual. Even two individuals with the same degree of hearing impairment may end up with different hearing aids based on other selection criteria. This can make it tough to compare hearing aids.

Although it is best to speak with your hearing care professional to narrow down options and choose features that are best for you, but there are a few key factors to consider before making a purchase.

In actuality, hearing aid satisfaction is more dependent on the quality of the healthcare professional than on reviews of specific devices. This is due to the fact that purchasing hearing aids is not a one-time experience: you will require follow-up consultations for fine-tuning your devices and ongoing care and maintenance.

Find a professional who will listen closely to your needs, preferences, and prior experiences in order to assist you in locating the optimal hearing solution

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5-Step Approach to Successful Outcomes

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To choose the right hearing aid for you, you’ll first need to get a comprehensive hearing evaluation with a qualified practitioner. The clinician will make recommendations based on the degree of your hearing loss, the frequencies that are affected, as well as your personal preferences, goals, and financial situation.

Selecting a hearing aid that focuses on the frequencies you have difficulty understanding is of utmost importance.

It is essential to evaluate your lifestyle and hearing demands in order to choose the most appropriate technology for you. There is a hearing aid developed precisely for every activity level. Important considerations include functionality, you will need to determine which of the available features are most important to you.

What would you like the hearing aid to accomplish? Are you social and active, or do you mostly stay at home? Attend church or other meetings in which sound is projected? Do you like watching television or using the telephone? Be sure to discuss your responses with your hearing healthcare professional.

Choosing a hearing aid heavily depends on aesthetic appeal. Since you will be wearing it daily, it must not only be comfortable but also inspire confidence.

Some hearing aids are visible, while others are placed deep within the ear canal, making them nearly unnoticeable. Many are custom-made to fit the ears of each individual. A hearing professional will not only help you choose hearing aids but will also ensure your devices are comfortable and a best fit.

The fitting of your hearing aids is just as important as the hearing aid selection process, which entails programming your hearing aids and making changes to deliver the correct levels of amplification for your unique hearing loss. To ensure that each patient’s hearing aids are calibrated according to their prescription levels, we also perform verification testing on every one of them. Counselling is also a necessary step to ensure you have realistic expectations and is crucial for long-term success.

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Fitting and Follow Up Process

The total cost of hearing aids might vary based on the device’s features and the services rendered by your hearing professional. On average, the cost of a single hearing aid might range from less than $1,000 to $5,000. The technology accounts for around one-third of the overall price, while the remainder may comprise the first consultation and evaluation, fitting and moulding, hearing aid adjustments and check-up visits. Ensure you are satisfied with the services you are receiving in relation to the supplied price.

If you have hearing aids, we strongly recommend that you sign up for a maintenance agreement with Hearing Buddy that covers repairs, servicing, and batteries for your hearing aids. The majority of this expenditure is covered by the Australian government and comes at no additional cost to you other than a small yearly fee.

If you opt out of the yearly maintenance cost, you will be responsible for purchasing batteries and any repair costs to your hearing aid.

Hearing Buddy considers itself to be a partner with you throughout every step of the way in search for a solution and our relationship with you extends beyond the initial appointment.

As a result, all hearing aid pricing are bundled into a BUDDY PACK to ensure consistency, transparency, and continued support for all clients.

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Buddy Pack

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