Ear Wax Removal – Micro Suction - $90


Hearing Buddy uses dry, efficient micro suction to remove impacted ear wax under direct observation, relieving your painful symptoms. We offer a mild and safe alternative to standard earwax removal techniques.

Micro-suction earwax removal, sometimes referred to as ear vacuuming, is the most commonly and preferred method of earwax removal used by ENT Surgeons. It is a non-invasive, safe, and effective method of removing extra ear wax. Shaily is a certified professional who has completed a nationally recognised Course in Cerumen Management, which includes micro suctioning, irrigation, and mechanical removal.

Our sessions start with an ear history and symptoms assessment. After that, your ears will be checked to see if removing the earwax is clinically necessary, since not all earwax has to be actively managed. The technique will then be explained to you, and questions will be welcomed.

The process is painless, takes little time, and is completely safe. If your ear wax is exceptionally dry, you will be offered a complimentary follow-up treatment after a predetermined time of "softening" to gently remove it.

Micro-suction is a dry method, meaning no water is used in the process. This protects the eardrum and ear canal from getting wet. Everyone can benefit from this best-practice method, but individuals with a perforated eardrum, diabetes, an impaired immune system, blood-thinning medications, or an active ear infection may find it especially useful.