Custom Ear Plugs

Various Prices

Continuous exposure to loud noise is a leading cause of hearing loss and ringing in the ears (tinnitus). The inner ear (Cochlea) hair cells can be permanently damaged by prolonged exposure to loud noises, such as those produced by machines, construction, roadwork, and loud music.

Generally, the louder the sounds (higher than 85 dB), the greater the damage done in a shorter period of time. When your job or recreational activities expose you to such loud sound on a continual basis, hearing protection is critical to avoid damage and potential hearing loss.

Earplugs come in a range of sizes, shapes, and levels of noise reduction. General-purpose foam versions can be obtained at chemists and are a good value for the money. It is necessary to seek the services of a hearing aid specialist if you require more specialised hearing protection. Earplugs from Hearing Buddy are custom-made to fit your lifestyle and ensure that you don’t have to deal with irritating sounds. Our custom earplugs include


We offer several different styles of custom ear plugs to assist you in preventing hearing loss. Custom ear plugs are manufactured by taking an impression of your ear, ensuring a near-perfect fit and maximum water or sound protection. They are quite comfortable to use.


Custom moulded swim plugs are used by those who need to keep water out of their ears, such as people with grommets, those who have an eardrum perforation, or those who are prone to ear infections following a swim.


Utilize these personalised ear plugs to protect your hearing from the damage that industrial noise may inflict, or to simply find some peace and quiet in a busy world.


If you are frequently exposed to loud music, musician ear plugs can help preserve your hearing from lasting harm. Unlike standard ear plugs, which distort the sound you hear, musician ear plugs filter sound evenly across all frequencies. These specialised ear plugs reduce the volume without sacrificing the quality of the music.