Pre-Employment Test


The most common preventable cause of occupational hearing loss is noise exposure. It is irreversible once acquired and can have a big impact on a worker’s life. Workers’ compensation claims can also be costly and detrimental to firms’ reputations.

In many jurisdictions of Australia, workers in noisy workplaces are required to have their hearing checked (audiometric testing) within three months of starting work and then every two years thereafter.

Candidates who have previously worked in noisy environments should have their hearing tested as part of a pre-employment medical. These are called Pre-Employment Hearing Tests.

To get the most accurate results, a quiet period of 16 hours (free from noisy work sites, light airline travel, loud stereo use, etc.) is recommended.

Included key services:

  • Individual hearing examinations for each nominated employee, as well as a confidential report summarising the results (for employee).
  • Referrals to medical professionals, if appropriate.
  • Educating individuals on the permissible amounts of noise exposure in the workplace
  • Custom earplugs are available.