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Money Back Guarantee


Much like learning anything new a good foundation and small steps are essential. Whether you are an experienced user upgrading to new technology and require time to learn and adjust to new features or an entirely first-time hearing aid wearer, the experience can be overwhelming. Hearing Buddy aims to work with you at your pace to guide you through the process in becoming a confident user. As such, our primary goal is to assure your comfort while avoiding information overload.

Hearing is very complex, and our environment is always changing hence we need to allow time for your brain to acclimatise and adapt to various settings, new sounds, sounds that you have been missing. Therefore, for your peace of mind our devices come with 60-Day Money Back Guarantee* rather than the industry standard 30-day trial. We consider that this provided ample time to adjust to new devices and test them in variety of listening situations as we standby with recommendations and fitting methods.

Hearing Buddy offers a 60 day change of mind return period from the date you are receiving the device(s). During this period it is important that you attend appointments as required to ensure that your hearing devices are adjusted to suit your needs and that you are able to manage them correctly.

  • If, within the 60 day change of mind return period, you decide you do not wish to keep the hearing device(s), it is your responsibility to ensure that you return them and all accessories in original condition to Hearing Buddy. Hearing Buddy will refund any payments made by you associated with the hearing device(s) within 2 weeks.
  • If the devices are returned in a damaged condition, Hearing Buddy may in its sole discretion retain payment of the hearing device(s) and/or claim from you any outstanding balance on the cost of the hearing device(s).
  • The 60 day change of mind return period does not impact and is in addition to your statutory consumer law rights, and any product warranty offered with the device(s).